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Sleep apnea is a common fitness condition that impacts millions of people international. However, now not absolutely everyone is aware that untreated sleep apnea can have critical fitness outcomes, which include coronary heart disorder and stroke. Fortunately, those problems can often be averted with right remedy.

If you have sleep apnea, your doctor will most probable endorse a sleep remedy device, together with a CPAP or BiPAP system. In this guide from Integrated Medical Supplies, we are able to offer a short bilevel positive airway pressure assessment of those remedy options, and speak the benefits of sleep remedy in fashionable.

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The Benefits of Sleep Therapy
There are many benefits to the usage of a snooze remedy device, which includes:

Reducing or casting off loud night breathing.
Improving sleep best.
Decreasing daylight hours fatigue.
Lowering blood stress.
Reducing the threat of significant complications.
Sleep therapy devices are handiest available via prescription, so will want to seek advice from your health practitioner and receive a snooze apnea diagnosis earlier than you can gain a CPAP or BiPAP gadget.

Close-up of a white CPAP machine on a nightstand.
What Is a CPAP Machine?
A CPAP gadget is the most not unusual type of sleep remedy tool. It gives you air through a mask that fits over your nostril and mouth. The air pressure is ready to barely higher than the atmospheric pressure, which maintains your airway open at the same time as you sleep.
CPAP machines are highly powerful at treating sleep apnea, and can often be included through insurance. If you’re prescribed a CPAP device, the body of workers here at Integrated Medical Supplies let you find the best masks and other accessories to make your sleep therapy at ease and powerful.

Close-up of a Respironics BiPAP system on a nightstand.
What Is a BiPAP Machine?
A BiPAP gadget is just like a CPAP system however gives you air at different pressures – one for inhalation and one for exhalation. This could make it extra comfy to apply, because it eliminates the want to exhale against the better strain. BiPAP machines are typically used for more severe instances of sleep apnea, or for those who can’t tolerate CPAP therapy. Like CPAP machines, BiPAP machines are regularly blanketed with the aid of insurance.

Your physician can determine whether a CPAP or BiPAP system is proper for you. When you’re ready to locate the system you need, head over to Integrated Medical Supplies. We serve Torrance, CA.

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